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The Village requires property owners to ensure that all construction adheres to an established standard through the municipal permit review process. The Village reviews permit documents to make sure that new buildings and modifications to existing structures meet local, state and national standards for construction safety.

Most construction projects require a permit. Please call the Community Development Department before beginning any interior or exterior property improvements. Depending on the type of work proposed and the scope of the project, building permits may be required. All permits must be posted and visible from the street. For more information, contact Community Development at (708) 450-4405.

Examples of projects needing permits:

Decks Roofing Driveways
Fences Interior remodeling Window replacement
Furnaces Plumbing work Electrical Work
Signs Demolition Garages

Permit Application and Review Process

Once the Village receives a completed permit application with detailed construction plans, a Village Building Inspector will be assigned to your project. The Building Inspector will serve as your contact for any questions. Typically, the first review will require three business days to complete. Reviews after this period can require an additional three business days from when the Village receives revised construction plans or other requested information. Most projects require two formal reviews before a permit is issued. Once the permit application is approved, the staff contacts the applicant by phone to advise that the permit is approved and the required fees due.

If a project requires action by one of the Village Commissions, the Coordinator of Compliance will serve as your contact from the Village. The Commissions and the Coordinator of Compliance will collect comments and questions from other Village departments and prepare a review letter outlining any requests for documentation.

Fees and Bonds

The building permit fees help the Village to cover costs to review applications and inspect construction in Maywood. Fees will be applied upon approval of the permit application and must be paid before the permit is issued and work can begin.