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 Village Boards, Committees and Commissions

   Board of Fire and Police                 Commission             Fire Pension Board  Plan Commission/Board of                  Zoning Appeals
James Brewer, Chairman
Christopher Brown
Readith Ester
Roney C. Riley
Edward Brownlee

Wayne Welch
Gene Washington
Richard Weikal, Chairman
Keith Karlson
David Kreft
Karen Ross
John Wachal
David Wall

Sarah Lira, Chairman
Joseph B. Ratley
William Smith
Heather Stelnicki
Lynn Vallow
Tennille Campbell
Michael Dawson
Trustee M. Jones, Liaison

    Economic Development                 Commission Historic Pres./Landmark Comm. &           Designation of Landmarks     Police Pension Board
Frank Q. Antwi-Barfi
Darrick Campbell
Thomas Engoran

Christopher Parker
Eileen Olivier
Trustee I. Brandon, Liaison

Tom Kus, Chairman
Matt Gauthier
Vicki Haas
Serge Olivier, Sr.
Kenneth R. Watkins, Jr.

Corey Cooper, Pres.
Rita Ewalt
Charles Flowers
Karen Greene
Tom McShane
Elijah Willis
Carlos Patterson
Robert Dolan

      Energy & Environmental         Commission              Local Liquor Control
           Special Events
Trustee M. Lightford, Liaison
Ronald Rivers

Mayor Nathaniel George Booker, Pres.
Mary "May" Larry
Viola Mims
Keith Moore
Steven Smiley
Rolando Villegas
Leah Walker
Trustee Miguel Jones, Liaison

       Finance Committee       Maywood Housing Authority Traffic & Safety Commission
Lanya Satchell, Chairman
Mayor Nathaniel George Booker
Trustee Isiah Brandon
Trustee Melvin Lightford
Trustee Antonio Sanchez
Trustee Kimyada Wellington

Tiffany Robinson, Chairman
Barbara Bailey
Patricia Bassett
Vanessa Rankins
Diane Williams
Margaret J. Jones

Trustee I. Brandon
Chrysanthony Sharp, Chairman
Larice J. Davis
Jacqueline T. Fowler
Robert Scales
Joseph A. Wilson
Val Talley, Police Chief

Water Review Commission               Youth Commission     Beautification Committee
Loretta Robinson, Chairman
Felicia F. Brown
Yvette D. Hankerson
Robert A. Jones
Linda Reedy
Dorothy Lane-Thomas
Trustee N. Booker, Liaison

Corita Key
Kenneth Nash
Trustee Isiah Brandon, Liaison

Tywanna Grace-Rand, Chairman
Tanya Butler
Rose O. Campo
Annette Barker

Trustee N. Booker, Liaison

Community Relations
Trustee Kimyada Wellington


Three Commissions work closely with Community Development Department. They are as follows:

  1. Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals
  2. Maywood Historic Preservation Commission
  3. Environmental Beautification Commission

Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals

The Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals oversees the Village’s Zoning Code and the Village Code. The Village of Maywood Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals generally meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Village Council Chambers, 125 S. 5th Avenue, Maywood.

Maywood Historic Preservation Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission holds hearings and reviews applications for local Landmark properties and Certificates of Appropriateness. The HPC also acts as a resource to the general public providing education in the areas of historic and architectural preservation.

The Historic Preservation Commission meets the 1st Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at 125 S. 5th Avenue, in the Council Chamber.

Environmental Beautification Commission

Our vision is for Maywood to be a standout community for engaging in environmental and beautification initiatives among other communities. The Commission meets the 2nd Monday of the month as needed at 7:30pm in the Maywood Council Chambers, 125 S. 5th Avenue.


Traffic & Safety Commission

Serve without compensation consisting of the Chief of Police, who shall be director thereof, and eight (8) additional members, who shall be residents of the Village. Such members shall be appointed by the President and Board of Trustees voting jointly and shall serve respectively for the following terms: 3 for 1 year, 3 for 2 years and 2 for 3 years. The successor for each member shall be appointed to serve for a term of 3 years.

Liquor Commission

Consist of the President and Board of Trustees as the Local Liquor Control Commissioner and five (5) other persons as the President shall appoint with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees. The President's appointments shall serve for a term of one (1) year and shall assist the President in the exercise of the powers and in the performance of his or her duties that are specified in the state statues and/or in this section and chapter. Persons appointed to the Local Liquor Commission by the President may be reappointed and may serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive 1-year terms. Persons whose membership on the Local Liquor Control Commission ended due to having served three (3) consecutive 1-year terms may not be reappointed until at least one (1) year has elapsed since the conclusion of their membership on the Commission.

Special Events Commission

The Commission shall consist of eighteen (18) Commissioners, one of whom shall be chosen by the Commissioners as their Chairman. The Commissioners shall serve for 2-year terms with nine (9) persons initially appointed for a one (1) year term and nine (9) persons appointed for a 2-year term.

Economic Development Commission

This Commission shall consist of seven (7) members to be appointed by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees. The members shall be appointed for two (2) year terms. Members shall continue to hold office until their respective successors are appointed and qualified.

Board of Fire and Police Commissioners

The Board of Fire and Pollice Commissioners consist of seven (7) members whose terms of office shall be one (1) year and until their respective successors shall be appointed and qualified as provided by statue.