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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: How the 2020 Census will invite everyone to respond

Welcome to our Census website page for the Village of Maywood. It is with a sense of urgency that I tell you that the 2020 Census is upon us! We have created this page so our residents can be informed about the crucial importance of participating in the 2020 Census. For example, we will lose $1,500 in federal funding, every year, for the next 10 years, for every single person in Maywood who is not counted—from infants to seniors. This will, of course, negatively impact the health and vitality of our village, as well as our ability to meet the everyday needs of our residents. Everyone residing in Maywood must be counted in the Census, and this is a matter of social responsibility. YOU count far more than you may know and we are depending on you to perform your civic duty, as we continue our efforts to build a stronger community and a better tomorrow! So, spread the word to everyone you know, including your family members, neighbors, and friends, that they need to get counted. Thank you for visiting this page, and remember, fill out your Census form when it becomes available in March, and please count every single member of your household.

Mayor Edwenna Perkins

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Census Facts

  • Census data is used to determine how billions of federal dollars will be allocated and distributed to cities, towns, and villages. (Census Day is April 1, 2020)
  • Census data is used to make decisions about many, many important things, including funding for schools, roads and infrastructure, hospitals, police and fire, social welfare programs, etc.
  • Businesses and industry use census data to help determine where to locate, how much merchandise to ship to an area, and other significant decisions that can affect Maywood.
  • Here is a simple illustration of how 2020 Census data will be used: Let’s say there are 500 students in a school in Maywood, and only 100 of the students are counted for the 2020 Census. That means the federal government will fund that Maywood school for 100 students even though the school has to educate and meet the needs of 500 students!
  • The Census is decennial—which means it only takes place every 10 years.
  • That means we will have to live with the numbers the village generates in the 2020 Census for the next 10 whole years.
  • The Village of Maywood will lose $1,500, every year, for 10 years, for each Maywood resident who does not answer the 2020 Census questionnaire
  • That means if YOU do not participate in the 2020 Census, Maywood will lose $15,000.00 over the next ten years.
  • So, for every single person who lives in Maywood who does not participate in the 2020 Census, the village will lose $15,000.
  • Last time, in 2010, Maywood had the lowest participation rate on the Census in all of Proviso Township and we do not want that to happen ever again.
  • Participating in the Census is required by the United States Constitution.
  • Your Census data CANNOT be shared with ANY other governmental agency, and that includes law enforcement agencies. Your data is completely confidential!
  • Census workers swear out a lifetime oath to preserve the confidentiality of all Census data; and it is a felony for any Census worker to divulge any Census information to anybody under penalties of imprisonment.
  • The US Census Bureau is really, really trying to hire people from different communities, like Maywood, for Census jobs. The Bureau seeks people who know their communities very well, so they can educate and encourage their friends, neighbors, and fellow residents to fill out their Census questionnaires. Go online to apply for a Census job at:
  • Everyone in Maywood is to be counted, including infants, seniors, documented and undocumented residents, and the homeless who are in Maywood. Everyone means…EVERYONE!
  • The Village is counting on you to do your part for the health and vitality of our village.
  • You will have the option of participating by mail, by phone, or online.
  • YOU count, YOU matter, so please fill out YOUR 2020 Census form!