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Village Trustee Nathaniel George Booker
Nathaniel George Booker
Mayor and President of the Village of Maywood

THE MAYOR OR PRESIDENT: The mayor is the chief executive officer of the city. The president, however, may alternatively be referred to as the mayor. The mayor or the president performs all of the duties prescribed by law, including municipal ordinances, and is required to see that the laws and ordinances are faithfully executed. The mayor is elected to four-year term.The mayor is required to give the council information concerning the affairs of the city. The mayor or president casts a vote in the event of a tie or if a measure has received a favorable government, the mayor is the chief executive officer.  

A Trustee serves a four year term as a member of the Village Board, which is the legislative body that develops and approves ordinances and resolutions governing the life of the community.  The Board approves revenue generating activities as well as expenditures made in support of the operations and business of the Village.  The Board provides direction to the Village Manager who oversees the activities of all Village Departments.

Village Trustee Isiah Brandon
Village Trustee
Isiah Brandon

Village Trustee Miguel Jones
Village Trustee
Miguel Jones

Village Trustee Melvin Lightford
Village Trustee
Melvin Lightford

Aaron Peppers Village Trustee
Village Trustee
Aaron Peppers
Shabaun Reyes-Plummer Village Trustee
Village Trustee
Shabaun Reyes-Plummer
Village Trustee Antonio Sanchez
Village Trustee
Antonio Sanchez
Gwaine Dianne Williams Village Trustee
Village Clerk
Gwaine Dianne Williams


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