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Forms and Permits


City Clerk

printer-friendly Block Club Guide
printer-friendly Neighborhood Block Club Registration Form
printer-friendly Class C Liquor License Application
printer-friendly Class E Liquor License Application
printer-friendly Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Form
printer-friendly Liquor License Application Maywood updated 10-1-2021
printer-friendly Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers License Application
printer-friendly Request for Parade Application
printer-friendly Revised Covid-19 Block Parties Application


Code Enforcement

printer-friendly 2022 Building Codes
printer-friendly Building Permit Application
printer-friendly Contractor License
printer-friendly Escrow Agreement Package (Checklist)
printer-friendly Fence Installation Specifications (CD)
printer-friendly Flood Control Reimbursement Program
printer-friendly Homeowner's Proposal
printer-friendly Investor's Proposal
printer-friendly Landlord Registration
printer-friendly Right-of-Way Permit
printer-friendly Residential Solar Panels
printer-friendly Sales Rental Inspection Request Form (Certificate of Ordinance Compliance Application)
printer-friendly Special Events Permit Application Updated 2021
printer-friendly Tree Removal Reimbursement Program
printer-friendly Vacant Building Registration


Community Development

printer-friendly 2022 Business License & Registration Application
printer-friendly 2022 Business License & Registration Application Zoning Review Form
printer-friendly 2022 Contractor Listing
printer-friendly 2020 Plan Commission - Zoning Board of Appeals Application Packet
printer-friendly Animal Licensing & Registration Application
printer-friendly Standards for Map Amendments
printer-friendly Standards for Special Uses
printer-friendly Standards for Text Amendments
printer-friendly Standards for Variations
printer-friendly Permanent Sign Permit Application
printer-friendly Village Properties Sales Initiation Form
printer-friendly Village Properties Sale Principal Profile Form
printer-friendly Taxicab Inpsection Report
printer-friendly Temporary Sign Permit Application
printer-friendly Temporary Use Permit Application
printer-friendly TIF Application


Finance Department

printer-friendly Real Estate Transfer Tax Declaration Exemption Form
printer-friendly Transfer Stamps - Procedure #1
printer-friendly Transfer Stamps - Check List No. 2
printer-friendly Water Connection Application
printer-friendly Water-Sewer Application


Human Resources

printer-friendly Automobile Claim Form
printer-friendly Employment Application
printer-friendly Liability Claims Form


Police Department

printer-friendly Police Complaint Form


Public Works Department

printer-friendly 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program Application


Village Manager’s Office

printer-friendly Application form for Candidates to Boards, Committees, Commissions 11-5-2021
printer-friendly Complaint Form (VMO)
printer-friendly Multipurpose Building Rental Agreement and Waiver for 200 So. 5th Avenue Building
printer-friendly Rental Agreement and Park Permit
printer-friendly Veterans Park Rental and Permit Form
printer-friendly Incident Report Claims Form (Property)
printer-friendly Snow Removal Form Updated November 2021 - January 2022