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Police Department

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Police Chief TBD
Phone: 708-450-4460

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life in the Village of Maywood by delivering professional and progressive law enforcement services in partnership with the community.

The Maywood Police Department Value Statement

The Maywood Police Department will deliver services to the Village of Maywood through a multi-faceted approach to resolve problems while maintaining a value system centered around Mutual Respect, Integrity, Transparency, and Constitutional Equality

The Role of the Police Chief:

The role of the Police Chief is to ensure professional policing of the community and an efficiently run department that is responsive to the needs of the community.

Executive Assistant, TBD
Phone: 708-450-4461

Police/Fire Emergency DIAL 911
HOTLINE: Dial 911
M.A.P.S. - Maywood Alternative Policing Strategies 708-450-1792
Main Numbers: 708-450-4470 (automated)
Dispatch 708-450-4471 (manned)
Callers are not required to give personal information.
If you wish to place an anonymous call, dial the non-emergency number, then *67.
Records Supervisor, Venus Meadows 708-450-4450


The goals of the Maywood Police Department are as follows:

  1. Reduction of Crime by (5%) Percent.
  2. To become more customer friendly, improving the image of the Maywood Police Department.
  3. To improve the morale of the Maywood Police Department Members.
  4. To increase enforcement through strategic operational programs.


The Maywood Police Chief is supported by one Deputy Chief of Police and Police Commander.

Elijah Willis, Operations .
Elijah Willis, Deputy Chief of Police
Phone: 708-450-4026

Theodore Yancy, Police Commander
Phone: 708-450-4024

Maywood Police                             (708) 450-4450
Suicide Prevention                         (800) 273-TALK
Domestic Violence                          (800) 799-7233
National Victims of Crime               (202) 467-8700
Sexual Assault                                (800) 252-2873
Maywood Youth Mentoring              (708) 344-3577